Rahmi Oruc Guvenc

Rahmi Oruc Guvenc He was born in 1948 in Tavsanli/Kütahya. He finished the Department of Philosophy at İ.Ü. Faculty of Litarature. At Cerrahpasa Faculty of Medicine, he acquired his Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology in the field of Music Therapy and became the only expert in this field, under the tutelage of Prof. Dr. Ayhan Songar. Later he founded the Center for Research and Application of Turkish Music at Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine. After the retirement of Prof. Dr. Ayhan Songar, he left Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine and became a lecturer at the Unit for the Research and Promotion of Turkish music at University of Marmara Turkic Research Institute. He has retired from this post.

He has contributed to the organization of 3 music therapy and ethnomusicology symposia and 2 ethnomusicology music festivals, which were arranged by the joint venture of Istanbul University, the school in Austria (Schule für Altorientalische musik und kunsstherapie A-3924 Schloss Rosenau Niederneustift 66), and the University of Vienna; and has taken active role in the theory and application of these activities. He was awarded the Honorary Professorship title by Uzbek Science Delegation from Fergana University in 1992. Same year, he received the Honour Award from Academia de las Naciones in Argentine. He was also the representative of Turkey for the "International Dynamic Psychiatry Association" (WADP) based in Munich and apart from this, he also received a Certificate of Gratitute and Accomplishment from Boston Massachusetts University in the USA. 1996 he won the Extraordinary Achievement Award in the field of Music Research from Motif Folklore Education Association. In 2004 he received Outstanding Service Award for the Turcic World, from TÜRKSAV.

The music therapy with Turkish music -pilot project- of Munich University Higher Music Academy was started with the collaboration of Marmara University and the Austria Rosenau Music Therapy School. He also established music therapy schools in Berlin, Manheim, Zurich, Madrid and Barcelona; these schools are continuing their education.

He prepared a series of programmes constituting from 13 parts, named "Hidden Side of Our Music" for Samanyolu TV and the series was aired many times. Apart from this in many national and international channels, live and package programmes of Asst. Prof. Dr. R. Oruç Güvenç have been broadcasted. In national and international press coverage, many articles were published relating to his work.

TÜMATA under the leadership of Rahmi Oruç Güvenç received the 3rd place price at Friendship Song Festival at Neftekamsk in Bashkurtistan between Feb. 24-28 1998.

He began his musical career by taking violin lessons from Fethi Bey at middle school. In his university years, he learned ud, rebab, ney and tanbur. In 1975, he founded TÜMATA (The Group for the Research and Promotion of Turkish Music), and began researching the origins and the therapy value of Central Asian music. At the same time, he began training students by founding Music Therapy Schools in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Spain.

He has a book on music theraphy and an other book named "The Loved Ones of Allah - His Holiness Mevlana" which was published in English also. He has works in the field of classical Turkish music and sufi music where the lyrics and the compositions belong to him. He has invented a tonality called Tarz-ı Vefa and has composed a saz semai and a peşrev in this tonality.

He has two daughters called Süyümbike and Kanikey. He is now married with Azize Andrea Guvenc; who is an ergoterapist, for eight years and they continuing their work together. Azize Andrea Güvenç wrote a book covering this work, named Hey Reisender, Ey Yolcu...